Y Bont’s Bake off Success

MPs Chris Elmore and Madeline Moon along with Huw Irranca-Davies AM joined with Bridgend charity Y Bont for a fundraising bake off on Friday. The third annual bake-ff was judged by the trio along with Y Bont volunteer Rita.

Cakes from staff and parents of the children were put in front of the MP for the hotly contested Y Bont Bake Off Winner. The money raised will help the charity further with the work they’re doing.

The charity, which helps children with additional needs, held the annual event at their base on Ewenny Road.

Mr Elmore said: “I love being invited to Y Bont and this time is no different. The work they do here is outstanding and I want to support this brilliant organisation in any way I can. The way they look after the kids is fantastic and I’m always amazed by their dedication and hard work.

Yet again the standard of the bake-off was exemplary! I hope they raised loads of money for a great cause.”

Madeleine Moon added: “What a great afternoon looking at the amazing work of Y Bont staff and the change they bring to children’s lives plus eating amazing cakes.  Think I am caked out for months but a great afternoon.

I am ashamed I could not make a cake to the standard of yumminess of any of those we tasted.”

Huw Irranca-Davies said: “Many thanks to Y Bont for yet again another superb event and for the wonderful work they continue to do. A great day.”

The trio were also shown round the building work for Y Bont’s garden area which will allow a more sensory experience for the children.