Welcomed Increase In Trainee GPs After Successful Campaign


Huw has welcomed a dramatic increase in the number of trainee GPs in Wales which has seen a 16 per cent increase in the number of GP training places filled so far, compared to last year – a result of the financial incentive scheme which was launched in October.

This bonded scheme will see trainees receive a total of £20,000 on the understanding they remain in the area in which they took a training placement whilst they train and for one year of practice afterwards.

This is not the end of the process for this year. Places for 2017 are being re-advertised

Huw said “This is great news for GP services in Wales and the wider NHS. The scheme is clearly paying dividends and the statistics speak for themselves. I also congratulate the Welsh Government and the Minister in particular for continuing the push to fill spaces. Good luck to everyone who is taking up a training place and I wish them well in their future endeavours.”