‘Voices’ In Senedd Highlight Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is the UK’s deadliest gynaecological cancer but with early diagnosis, survival rates are greatly increased.  

Ovarian Cancer Action UK and ‘Ovarian Cancer Voices’ held an event at the Senedd to highlight the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and to encourage women and young girls to be mindful of the four main symptoms which can be: persistent bloating; persistent stomach pain; needing to wee more frequently or urgently; difficulty eating or feeling full more quickly. 

Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister Huw Irranca-Davies met with the group to hear about the work they are doing and the impacts of early recognition of this dreaded disease.  

The Ogmore AM stated: “Ovarian Cancer is not a common disease and it is essential we inform people of the typical symptoms associated with it. Whilst symptoms are similar to lots of different conditions, I would encourage female residents in Ogmore to still take action and visit their GP if they are worried, so that Ovarian Cancer can be ruled out. 

 Find out more about Ovarian Cancer Action UK and their work at:  www.ovarian.org.uk