• cathybevan8

Views Sought on Community Bus Travel

Bus services have faced unprecedented challenges during covid (our thanks to drivers and staff who've ket the service going, and for Welsh Government and local government support too).

But reform is now urgently needed to give people the service they need with more input from local communities, to help tackle the #ClimateCrisis and give people good public transport options to use, and to get society and the economy moving again.

My thanks to Members of the Senedd from all parties who've supported my call for this debate. I am hoping if we secure the debate in the Senedd, we can highlight the challenges (and opportunities) in our own communities, and the need for Wales-wide reform to bus services.

If you are interested in this, especially if it affects you directly as a passenger or someone who works in the sector, then please read the motion for the debate below and the links too, then send me your thoughts by email at huw.irranca-davies@senedd.wales .

Llwybr Newydd: the Wales Transport Strategy 2021 | GOV.WALES

New partnership will shape bus travel in the public interest | GOV.WALES