Two Life-Saving Defibrillators For Llanharry Village

Spar & PO Llanharry

Dedicated staff at the Spar and Post Office Llanharry have worked hard raising funds to acquire two defibrillators for the village of Llanharry.

Ogmore representatives Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP visited the store with the local Councillor Barry Stephens to meet with the staff and praise their efforts.

Huw commented: “It’s great to see Llanharry village having this essential life-saving piece of emergency equipment available for residents. Well done to the staff of the Llanharry Spar and Post Office who have worked tirelessly in raising funds to purchase, not one but two defibrillators, their hard work really has paid off.”

Chris Elmore MP stated: “It is a shocking statistic that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) kills over 2000 people a week in the UK alone. In communities with access to an defibrillator, prompt defibrillation puts survival rates at over 50%: it is literally a life saver. I’m delighted to see Llanharry getting the defib and I hope to see them in all communities.”

Llanharry Councillor Barry Stephens said: “Well done to the Llanharry Spar staff who are directly responsible for raising the funds to purchase the two defibrillators for the village. Their efforts have paid off and they should be applauded for their time and hard work”.