Stroke Survivors Showcase Talent at National Assembly

‘Make May Purple’, Stroke Association’s annual stroke awareness month invites friends, families and communities to show their support for people who have been affected by stroke.

This year’s campaign, launched at the National Assembly for Wales by Stroke Photography exhibited shortlisted images as part of the Purple Lenses exhibition. Clubs, groups and volunteers were asked to submit photographs to show what the word ‘Independence’ meant to them.

Ogmore constituents Phil Jones and Dave Riley who were both successful in the shortlisting displayed pieces at the event. Phil Jones submitted a picture of mining equipment where Dave Riley provided a photograph of his stroke coordinator Lindsay who first met whilst he was in hospital coming to terms with the impact of losing half his sight.

One of the many visitors to the exhibition, Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister Huw Irranca-Davies spoke in praise of the exhibition saying: “Every year in Wales around 7,000 people have a stroke, while nearly 65,000 people are living with the long term effects. The inspiring exhibition showed talent and skills of stroke survivors proving that with help and support there can be an independent life after stroke.

Matt O’Grady, Policy, Information and Campaigns Officer in Wales for the Stroke Association said : “Many stroke survivors can find their independence affected by their stroke, particularly if they aren’t able to access rehabilitation services they need. This Make May Purple, we’re celebrating the individual success stroke survivors make in their recovery, and our exhibition was a fantastic way to start.”