Stop the Tax Credit Cut


The cuts to working tax credits which will affect over 6,500 families and over 10,000 children in Ogmore are not only pernicious, but they are incompetent. The Conservative party which claims to be on the side of working people is actually making life harder for the lowest paid.

The incompetence of these proposals is striking; over 3 million low-paid working families losing an average £1,000 a year, according to the independent and respected Institute for Fiscal Studies; over 200,000 more children will be in poverty next year, and up to 600,000 by 2020 according to the Resolution Foundation.

We all want to see a higher wage economy where fewer people are reliant on tax credits. But to take away tax credit support before a real and genuine Living Wage is in place is senseless and deeply damaging to lives and communities.

I and others will continue to battle to persuade the Chancellor that his policies are not only lacking in compassion, but lacking in sense. Trying to balance the books on the back of low-paid workers is morally indefensible.

Join the campaign to stop the tax credits cut.

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