Star Ratings Keeping Us Food Hygiene Aware

Steak & Stamp pic

Huw is reminding residents to be aware of food hygiene ratings before choosing where to eat out. After recently visiting the ‘Steak and Stamp Restaurant’ in Pencoed which has a 5 star rating, he urged everyone to be more food hygiene aware.

Wales has led the way when it comes to informing residents of food hygiene ratings and became the first country in the UK to introduce a mandatory food hygiene rating scheme. The Food Hygiene Rating (Wales) Act 2013 now makes it compulsory for all food businesses to publicly display their food hygiene rating on their premises, following food hygiene inspections.

New rules came into force last year also requires takeaway food businesses to promote their food hygiene ratings on leaflets and menus which enable customers to order by phone or online.

Following the visit Huw said: “I met with Gareth and Stacey at the ‘Steak and Stamp’ today, a great little restaurant in Pencoed and discussed their esteemed 5 star food hygiene rating and how they as proprietors value it as well.

The scheme has been one of the great success stories of made-in-Wales legislation and is key to driving up standards in restaurants, pubs, cafes and other food businesses across Wales. It is really important that residents are aware of the hygiene ratings before choosing where to eat”

You can find out the food hygiene rating of all establishments in Wales by visiting: