Significant Funding Boost for Autism Support Services


The Welsh Labour Government has announced an additional £7 million is to be made available for the National Integrated Autism Service, on top of the funds announced last year, bringing the total spend up to £13 million.

Wales became the first country in the UK to take a national approach to Autism in 2008, followed up by Publishing an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Strategic Action for Wales last year. The plan includes a new 26-week waiting time target from referral to first appointment for children with Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions, to speed up access to support.

Assembly Member for Ogmore Huw Irranca-Davies said: “The legislative powers and policies are in place to deliver support for people with Autism and this funding builds on that work. It’s great to hear that additional funds are going towards helping people with Autism and I welcome the introduction of the 26 week waiting target. The Welsh Government will be monitoring waiting times to ensure families get the services they need as promptly as possible.”