Huw Irranca-Davies AM, Chris Elmore MP,

Councillor Richard Williams, Councillor John McCarthy and petitioners

Huw recently met with residents of Mervyn Way Pencoed and neighbouring areas to accept a signed petition (by almost 400 petitioners), in their efforts to save the Number 62 First Cymru bus service from Mervyn Way, Pencoed.

Huw, along with Chris Elmore MP, local Councillors Richard Williams, John McCarthy and several residents have asked First Cymru to reconsider their decision to withdraw the bus service from Mervyn Way because of the clear and detrimental impact it will have on many elderly and infirm residents.

Huw has said I am happy to support my constituents in their efforts to save this much needed bus service and ask First Cymru to fully consider the social impacts on the local residents, many of whom have poor mobility and will be unable to access public transport if this service is withdrawn”.

Chris Elmore MP said “The residents have shown in great numbers, both here and with the petition that they’re passionate about keeping the bus stop. I hope the bus company does review this decision, the bus provides a lifeline for some and we need to maintain services like this.”