Respect For Our Shop Workers

Protect Our Shop Workers

Photo:  Usdaw ‘Respect for Shop Workers Week – Freedom From Fear Campaign’

Ogmore Assembly Member Huw Irranca-Davies is asking people to spare a thought for shop workers in the run up to Christmas which can see rising tension levels in stores during this time. 

The Assembly Member said:  “Our recent successful social media campaign promoting small business in Ogmore, highlighted how busy stores can be during the Christmas period and thereafter the January sales. An average working day can see some shop workers in constant threat of abuse and violence. Abuse is not part of their job and this has to stop.” 

USDAW who run an annual campaign to highlight and tackle this problem this year held their ‘Freedom From Fear Campaign’ during the last week of November.

Huw continued:  “It was great meeting with shop owners in Ogmore during the Small Business Saturday campaign but it is appalling to think that some shop workers have to put up with daily abuse simply for doing their job. 

The Christmas period can be challenging for both shoppers and shop workers. Spare a thought for the front line workers and ‘Keep Your Cool at Christmas’.”