Red Tractor Week September 15th – 21st

Look Out for the Little Red Tractor

Today marks the start of Red Tractor week, a campaign which will target shoppers in order to raise their understanding of the Red Tractor scheme and to encourage more people to look for the logo when shopping.

Since its inception in 1990 it has set out to improve public confidence in British farmed food. In 2000 the introduction of the little red tractor logo on meat products produced in the UK has given the consumer the stamp of approval that the meat is sourced ethically.  

red tractor picture

In 2005 the Union flag was added alongside the red tractor, to reinforce the integrity and that’s the logo we see today.

The logo has also made its way onto the menu with over 2,000 food service companies involved in the scheme. This year a new set of standards and logo has been created for ready meals and pies.

At a time when consumer confidence has been damaged by the horse meat scandal, it’s important that consumers from the four corners of the country have the confidence that if they’re buying beef from a supermarket it is beef, and not a substitute product.  

Red Tractor certifies decent standards, and recent government reports highlight the importance of assurance, traceability, and the need for ever increasing standards.

The red tractor is a simple logo, but it’s something that gives consumers that reassurance they need in a split second.

This underlines to the consumer that the meat has been produced to quality standards and can be traced from farm to supermarket to fork.

So, in Red Tractor week, look out for the little red tractor, because you know it’s looking out for you too.