Public Meeting on the future of A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Rally at the Senedd 12th February 2020 (photo courtesy of campaign group)

Huw’s update from Senedd steps rally and Senedd Debate 12th February 2020

I was proud to attend and speak at the Royal Glamorgan rally today on the steps of the Senedd, along with with many hundreds of local people from across the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board area. Definitely one of the biggest rally turnouts I’ve seen at the Senedd.

I spoke (on behalf of Chris Elmore MP too) for residents of the Ogmore constituency in defence of the A&E at Royal Glam as well as the A&E at Princess of Wales Hospital. So good to see the HUGE attendance (far more than the press reported!). Some passionate and forensic contributions from Chris Bryant and Mick Antoniw and fellow AMs, union colleagues, campaigners and supporters. Well done all, and great to see the cross-party support.

Whilst I wasn’t selected to speak later in the Senedd debate (a success in some ways as there were too many speakers to cram in!), I was delighted to support the excellent contributions by Mick and Vicky and others, and even more pleased that our amended motion(see below) based on the cross-party statement we released last week, and supported by all our union colleagues in Unison, Unite and GMB was passed successfully in the votes in the Senedd.

This was a good day. But we must keep unified around the message and the demands. The strong message from the rally was to keep knockabout party-politics well out of this and keep our eyes on the prize. So, well done to all the campaigners, and especially our loca

l residents from Llanharan and Llanharry, Brynna and Gilfach Goch and Hendreforgan and Ynysmaerdy and Tyla Garw and others who’ve been in touch.

Below is our amendment which was passed today as an amendment to the main motion today in the Senedd, and which reflects the cross-party and union-supported statement we agreed last week.

Thanks all! Huw

Joint statement with AM, MP and Councillor colleagues on Royal Glamorgan A&E proposals 5.2.20

Joint Statement from Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP 24th January 2020

Joint Statement from Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP 24th January 2020