Power to People to Change their Lives for the Better, not Reform for the Sake of Reform

Commenting on the recent publication of the Smith Report MP for Ogmore, Huw Irranca-Davies said ‘Despite the scaremongering and doom-filled prophecies of the nationalists this report shows Labour is determined to make good on its vow to the people of Scotland’

‘But across the rest of Britain people are now asking whether the current arrangem

‘Wales needs to be offered whatever is offered to Scotland, with the choice of what to accept. For example, while the Tories might be keen to drag Wales into a race to the bottom we should be wary of the cul-de-sac of tax competition.’

‘In England there is a growing demand for devolution of powers and funding, especially outside London. But there is no clear understanding of what this may look like in different regions and different places.’

‘We clearly have the potential to radically change our constitutional settlement and I welcome this appetite for reform. The Labour Party – and I – believe that you seek power in order to give it away. To give it back to the people and communities who best know how to make their own lives better.’

‘This is a rare opportunity to put in place major reform it must not be conducted piece meal, nor decided just by politicians. We need a national constitutional convention, engaging all parts of society and looking at all aspects from devolution, to town halls, to reform of the House of Lords.’

‘We have a chance to redefine people’s relationship with their government and empower communities to take control of the decisions which affect them. We must not miss this opportunity and we have to get it right.’