Parliament Week, 14th-20th November

This week marks the start of Parliament week, an annual event that compromises a series of activities that connect people from across the UK with parliament and democracy. It is coordinated by the


Three-hundred members of the UK Youth Parliament aged 11-18 took part in a debate in the House Of Commons Chamber which was chaired by Speaker John Bercow, which marked the start of parliament week.

The theme for the week is ‘Do Democracy’, inviting schools to get involved and complete one democratic themed activity this week. A few ideas could be holding a debate in the classroom, or take the MYUK challenge and have a go at being Prime Minister on an interactive online game or run a School Council project.

With something for everyone to take part in, it’s a great way to get involved and explore how important parliamentary democracy is. There will be historical walks, art exhibitions, online debates and panel discussions taking place at various times, encouraging you to do your bit to get involved and increase awareness of UK democracy.


A school from Ogmore, Ysgol Maesteg, have visited during Parliament week and took part in some of the activities.

Mr Irranca-Davies said:

“It was great to see schools from around the UK getting involved in Parliament week. I had the pleasure of taking part in a question and answer session with pupils from a school in my constituency. It is encouraging to see so many young people taking an interest in politics, and I am sure we will see great things from them in the future.”