Ogmore MP Talks to Local Students about the Importance of Voting

Huw Irranca-Davies, met with a group of thirty Welsh Baccalaureate students from his constituency in Parliament recently. Mr. Irranca-Davies spoke to the students about the importance of using their vote and making their voice heard.

The Students, from Maesteg Comprehensive who are studying for their Advanced levels, came to Parliament for a full day of events. Beginning in the morning with a tour of the Palace of Westminster, followed by watching the reading of the Modern Slavery Bill and ending with a workshop revolving around speaking and debate techniques.

During this workshop Mr. Irranca-Davies impressed on the students how important their vote was and how each and every one of them can make a real difference. While with the students Mr. Irranca-Davies conducted a question and answer sessions on issues such as school reform.

Mr. Irranca-Davies said:

‘The students from Maesteg Comprehensive were engaged and passionate about the issues which affect them and their community. I was greatly impressed with the quality of their questions and was very proud to be able to speak to them on issues as important as school reform and using their vote.’

‘While many people are turning their back on politics it is my view that voting is a civic duty and the single best way to make sure your voice is heard and that the Government and Parliament speaks to the issues you care about. I hope the students take away from their day in Parliament how they can make a real difference, locally and nationally.’