Ogmore MP supports Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies UK is a national charity which focusses their work on women in their late teens (15/16 year olds) who often are unaware of the risks. This is the age at which 90% of the female population disappear into the world of work of further education, so it is the last chance to get the message across to a large group of young women.

The “Buddies” are young women who have had breast cancer themselves, and who provide compassionate, friendly, and well-informed advice on breast cancer. They talk about their experiences to demystify the disease, and with first-hand knowledge provide advice and encouragement on early diagnosis and how to check for warning signs.

Breast cancer is still the most common form of cancer which will affect one in eight women during their lives. Whilst only half of those affected would survive the disease 40 years ago, today the survival rate is 80%. But breast cancer is at an all-time high amongst under-50s and is forecast to increase, so the need for self-awareness and early diagnosis is crucial.

Huw Irranca – Davies said: “Over the years I’ve been pleased to support local and national organisations doing great work on breast cancer, and this group do something very special by focussing attention on a large group of young women before they disappear into the world of work or further study.”

 “I would urge any school or youth organisation who is interested in finding out more about their work to get in touch with them, and find more about how Bosom Buddies can help provide a positive message to local youngsters on breast cancer awareness.”

 Schools and youth groups who want to find out more, or if you’re a person who could be a Bosom Buddy, contact: www.bosombuddiesuk.com or email E.info@bosombuddiesuk.com