Ogmore MP and AM urge local industry collaboration in Coronavirus fight

Welsh Labour MP and AM, Chris Elmore and Huw Irranca-Davies, are calling on local businesses to alter their manufacturing capabilities to help build the Welsh NHS’ resilience against Coronavirus.

Life Sciences Hub Wales are currently working with industry to help boost supply of goods and develop solutions which address the immediate needs of the Welsh NHS. The Ogmore MP and AM are reaching out to local businesses in their Ogmore constituency who feel they may be able to supply, manufacture, and/or distribute products or collaborate with others to develop products or solutions in the following areas:

Medical devices Life Sciences Hub Wales are looking for organisations that:

· Supply ventilators

· Manufacture/supply parts for ventilators

· Explore 3D printing parts of ventilators

· Have the capability to diversify production of ventilator parts

· Are open to join existing collaborates who are working to retrofit obsolete ventilators

Infection control Life Sciences Hub Wales are looking for organisations who can supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as:

· Hand sanitizer

· Respirator face masks

· Face shields

· Eye protection (ai-tight goggles)

· Gowns

· Hazard suits

· Protective body suits

· Foot/shoe covers

· Cleaning/disinfectant products

Digital solutions Life Sciences Hub Wales are looking for organisations that can help NHS Wales create and roll out digital solutions through:

· Artificial Intelligence (AI)

· Machine Learning

· Smart Applications (Apps)

Social isolation and loneliness Life Sciences Hub Wales are looking for organisations who can deliver innovate solutions during the Coronavirus pandemic that can:

· Prevent or alleviate the effects of loneliness and isolation in the community

· Signpost and connect health and social care services to isolated members of the community

· Remotely monitor the health and wellbeing of isolated members of the community

Businesses are being asked to consider whether their existing products are suitable for any of these means or if their manufacturing capabilities can be repurposed to meet the demand the Coronavirus pandemic has brought. Collaboration between businesses and different industries is also being widely encouraged.

Huw Irranca-Davies AM said: “The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge we have faced as a country in peacetime. The Welsh Government, the Welsh NHS, and our social care sector is working around the clock to build resilience in our response to this public health crisis. But it’s vital that businesses do what they can to help, too.

“If you are able to help in any of the ways the Life Sciences Hub Wales have indicated, please do so. Together, we can get through this and save lives.”

Chris Elmore MP said: “We all have a part to play in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. I know we have many innovative businesses across Ogmore who may be able to help with the many areas our Welsh NHS needs support.

“Whether it be manufacturing vital PPE for our health and social care workers, or taking on the challenge that loneliness brings, I would urge local businesses to strain every sinew in this collective fight.”

If you are part of a local business who may be able to help in any of the ways outlined, you can contact the Life Sciences Hub Wales directly: information@lshubwales.com.

Further information from the Life Sciences Hub Wales is available here: https://lshubwales.com/call-industry-collaboration-fight-coronavirus.