Never Forget! – Huw Signs Holocaust Memorial Day Book of Commitment


The Holocaust Educational Trust are hosting a series of events throughout January to mark this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day with Friday 27th January being the anniversary of the liberation of Nazi Concentration and Death Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. 

At the Senedd this week, Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Welsh Government colleagues were given the opportunity to sign the Holocaust Educational Trust ‘Book of Commitment’ to reaffirm their commitment to Holocaust education and remembrance.

Huw pledged his continued support and said “It is essential that victims and survivors of the largest mass murder in history are not forgotten and that the message is not lost. That message is as important today as ever: we must confront and challenge at every turn all those who spout hatred and division, because this is where the seeds of genocide flourish. No one should be victimised because of their race, creed or colour, or sexuality, or because they are trade unionists or political agitators. Democracy dies unless we challenge bigotry and hatred, and as the Holocaust and every genocide since teaches us, generations of innocent people die too.

The extraordinary Holocaust survivors work tirelessly to ensure we learn and re-learn these lessons, and it is great to hear of so many people participating in the many commemorative events being held throughout the country. We must never forget.”