More Lives Saved Through Ground-Breaking Organ Donation System In Wales

Organ Donation


It has been a year since the introduction of the ground-breaking new system for organ donation in Wales, and more lives are already being saved. The latest figures show that 39 organs from patients whose consent was ‘deemed’ have been transplanted into people who are in need of replacement organs.

Huw has welcomed the success of the system known as “deemed consent”, where people aged 18 and over who die in Wales (and having lived here for more than12 months) are now regarded as having consented to organ donation unless they have opted out. There are likely to be more and more lives saved as the years go by.

Praising the Welsh Labour Government’s new approach to consent, Huw said: “A year on and the system is already saving more lives. Every organ donated carries the gift of life for others who are desperate for help. It’s wonderful to see Wales leading the way”.