• Huw Irranca-Davies

Maesteg Comprehensive School selected for new Alumni Scheme to link students with local role models

The Welsh government has launched an ambitious new Alumni Scheme, focusing on linking comprehensive school students with role models from their area. The community-based project brings former students who have gone on to have ‘exciting and varied careers’ together, to act as mentors to young talent in Wales.

Successful former students showcase that it is possible to have a varied career and also stay within their local communities, highlighting to prospective students that they do not have to move to big cities. Through this they can help to develop vibrant economies in these welsh regions, and ultimately stem the systemic loss of talent to big cities.

Ogmore MS Huw Irranca-Davies, welcomed the new scheme saying: “It’s great to hear that Maesteg Comprehensive school are amongst a group of selected schools to take part in this ambitious new project.

I’m excited for the possibilities this will bring to the staff and pupils of Maesteg Comprehensive, but also for what it will bring to the social fabric of our community as a whole”.

By networking with pupils and educating them on their own journeys, experiences and challenges they can provide a template of how to succeed without relocating. Providing work experience placements and valuable contacts that will enable them to succeed in the areas where they grew up in.

Lorraine Langham Chief Executive of Futures First, highlighted "the new ground broken by the Welsh government in recognising the importance of alumni networks in boosting the career prospects of young people. Wales has the first government to have developed a scheme like this and the rest of the UK would do well to follow their example."

To find out more about the project see: https://gov.wales/new-alumni-scheme-link-students-local-role-models