Local AM & MP visit Welsh Water work in Ogmore Vale

Ogmore AM Huw Irranca-Davies and Chris Elmore MP got to see first-hand what goes into upgrading a sewer system when they visited Welsh Water’s sewer upgrade work in Ogmore Vale.

The local representatives were able to see how the company’s £3.3 million investment project will improve the performance of the wastewater network, especially in stormy weather. By increasing the capacity on the system it will reduce the risk of flooding and pollution entering the River Ogmore which in turn will deliver a boost to the water quality and its aquatic life. The essential work by the not-for-profit company began at the start of the year and involves laying a brand new sewer along the cycle track between Ogmore Vale and Lewistown.

Huw Irranca-Davies AM commented,” “Delighted to visit the construction sites of Welsh Water’s new multi-million pound projects in the Ogmore Valley, stretching from the old washeries right down the valley. “A very impressive flagship investment in the wastewater networks from Dwr Cymru, still the only not-for-profit water company in England and Wales.”

Chris Elmore MP said, upon seeing the works: “It’s great to see the significant infrastructure improvements Welsh Water are undertaking locally which will act to future-proof our wastewater networks long into the future. “This is the tangible re-investment into the system you get when a water company is run on a not-for profit basis. It’s really pleasing to see.”

Welsh Water’s Project Manager, Paul Dwyer said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Mr Elmore and Mr Irranca-Davies to the site so that we could show how we reinvest the profits for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

“We’re very aware of the potential disruption that work such as this may cause, especially when working on the cycle track. We have carefully planned the scheme to help minimise the disruption on the local community and have worked closely with Bridgend County Council to achieve this.”

Work on the new sewer is anticipated to be complete in the autumn and the work will not impact on the wastewater service to local people and businesses.