Local AM calls for more understanding of Stoma and ‘Hidden Disabilities’

Pelican Healthcare, a leading provider of disposable stoma care products, held a campaign launch at the Senedd calling for a society change to tackle everyday challenges that ostomates and more widely those with invisible illnesses may face.

The ‘Be The Change’ event heard from a panel of ostomates who shared their heartfelt stories about some of these daily challenges. They also highlighted the need for new signage to be used on all public toilets and also working with local authorities across Wales to adjust waste collections in recognition of the issues people with a stoma face.

The main focus of the campaign being to help educate and raise awareness that not all chronic illnesses and health issues can be seen.

Ogmore AM Huw Irranca-Davies attended the event and said: “Disability and its needs comes in various forms and we can all be more mindful and considerate of hidden disabilities which can’t always be seen.

There seems to be a clear lack of understanding for the difficulties people living with stoma and hidden disabilities face on a daily basis and my thanks to the inspirational panel members for sharing their experiences. It was saddening to hear about the abusive behaviour some had experienced whilst simply trying to go about their daily lives. I’m happy to support Pelican Healthcare’s campaign for a society change.”