Launch of CVD Reduction Programme – Live Healthier for Longer

Tynycoed Visit

Photo L/R:  Andrew Davies (ABMU Chairman); Louise Kenny (HCSW); Vaughn Gething AM; Charles Janczewski (ABMU Vice Chairman); Dr Sara Jones; Heather Davies (HCSW);

Anne Williams (HCSW); Elaine Tanner (ABMU Support Officer) and Huw Irranca-Davies AM.

Tynycoed Surgery, Sarn, in partnership with ABMU Health Board and local organisations launched the latest stage of a Wales-wide pilot CVD Reduction Programme aimed at helping residents live a healthier life for longer.

Welsh Government Minister Health Secretary Vaughan Gething AM, Huw, ABMU senior officials, HCSW senior officials and Dr Sara Jones were invited along to hear how Bridgend GP surgeries are working in partnership with differing organisations involved with the new CVD programme.

Cardio Vascular Disease comes in many forms, being more predominant in areas of deprivation.  The new CVD programme is aimed at reducing the number of people dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease. Residents aged 40-64 years who don’t often go to their GP, are invited to a lifestyle assessment with a qualified and specially trained health care support worker (HCSW).  If risks are found, the HCSW then supports the individual to make positive changes helping them live a longer healthier life.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said:  “I am pleased to launch this programme which will positively affect many lives in the Bridgend North area.  This prudent and sustainable programme will not only help prevent people from developing cardiovascular disease but will also ensure that those who are already affected by it have access to high quality cardiac services regardless of where they live.”

Impressed with the new programme Huw said: “It is worrying to hear that CVD has a higher impact on people living in deprived areas of Wales as opposed to other areas.  Anything that helps to close this gap and help people to live longer is very much welcomed. The efforts of the organisations involved and the newly recruited lifestyle coach will hopefully lead to people being more informed about how they can go onto lead longer healthier lifestyles.”