Huw Wears It Pink in Aid Of ‘Breast Cancer Now’


Huw and his Assembly colleagues have shown support for families affected by breast cancer by dressing up in pink and encouraging constituents to take part in the UK’s biggest, brightest and pinkest fundraiser, ‘wear it pink’, on Friday 21 October. ‘Wear it pink’ is back for its 15th year, calling on supporters across the country to add a flash of pink to their wardrobe for the day and raise money for Breast Cancer Now’s life-saving breast cancer research.

The campaign raises close to £2 million each year for world-class research into breast cancer and anyone can take part, whether at work, at home or at school. All you have to do is wear something pink and donate what you can.

Huw stated: “Every year around 2,600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Wales, and sadly nearly 600 people still lose their lives to the disease each year. Together, we must put a stop to this. Through cutting-edge research, Breast Cancer Now are tackling the disease from all angles to ensure that, by 2050, everyone that develops the disease will live. But we all need to join forces and act now, and in ‘wear it pink’, there is a fun and simple way for everyone to get involved. I’m fully committed to standing up for the women and families affected by the disease in Ogmore and  hope everyone in the local community will join me by wearing it pink on Friday 21 October and show their support for Breast Cancer Now.”

Sign up to wear it pink on Friday 21 October to support Breast Cancer Now’s life-saving research. For more information or to register, visit