Huw voices constituent concern to help those affected by the Contaminated Blood Scandal

Huw spoke in the final days of parliament before summer recess to once again call for help for those affected by the contaminated blood scandal.

Following Parliament’s return after the election Huw managed to secure a question at the first Prime Ministers Questions. Huw asked the PM to keep a promise he made in March to deal with the contaminated blood scandal as a matter of priority if he was re-elected. In response the Prime Minister promised a full statement by the government before the summer recess.

However, a written statement was then laid in the House of Lords on a non-sitting House of Commons Friday. Subsequently the Speaker granted an urgent question in the Commons. During the urgent question Huw included a moving message from a constituent who wishes to stay anonymous.

“A constituent of mine is one of the 300 so-called ‘forgotten few’ primary beneficiaries. What is the Minister’s response to him when he says that,

‘The forgotten few’ have lived with this for so long now, further hold-ups and enquiries will make things far too late for many of us, considering some are well into their 60s by now. No one can give me back my brother or the life I’ve missed but to have financial peace of mind, knowing I can secure my family’s future is the number one priority for me now, after years of hardship and uncertainty.

There seems to be a real difference in tone and substance between the Minister’s comments today and what the Prime Minister said before the election, and I am seeking real reassurance.”

Over 30,000 people were given contaminated blood between 1970 and 1991. The contaminated blood was unknowingly received through blood transfusions which led to many of those affected contracting Hepatitis C and HIV.

Suffering from these illnesses has had a devastating effect not only on the people infected but also on their families. Many of those affected have had to invest heavily in medical support and have been unable to return to work.