Huw Reminds Residents To Be Food “Hygiene Rating Aware”


Huw is reminding residents to check out the hygiene rating of places they are eating by being aware of the hygiene ratings of restaurants and takeaways. Following new additional Welsh Government legislation, takeaway food businesses now have to promote food hygiene ratings on their leaflets and menus which many people may not be aware of.

Wales became the first country in the UK to introduce a mandatory food hygiene rating scheme making it compulsory for all food businesses to publicly display their food hygiene rating on their premises.  This has resulted in over sixty per cent of food businesses in Wales being awarded the highest (very good) rating – a five.  An improvement from forty five per cent just prior to the legislation coming into force.

Huw said: “These new rules on takeaway leaflets and websites offer us extra protection when ordering food over the phone or online by allowing us to see the hygiene ratings of the food establishment. Since the Welsh Labour Government became the first to introduce the food hygiene rating scheme in the UK, standards have been driven up significantly.  This will continue to happen if residents continue to make themselves hygiene rating aware”.

You can find out the hygiene rating of establishments in Wales by visiting the Food Standards Agency website at