Huw petitions Number Ten to support International Inquiry into human rights abuses in Sri Lanka

Huw Irranca-Davies and two Tamil constituents have delivered a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street. The petition calls on the UK Government to support an international inquiry into Sri Lanka’s treatment of the Tamil people.

number 10 petition

Mr. Duraithasan Subramaniam and Mr. Vethanayagam Sanjeevathanushan from the Ogmore constituency joined Huw to deliver the petition signed by Tamils and their supporters from the South Wales Valleys. This petition is the latest stage in a long campaign by UK Tamils and their allies to pressure the Government to support a full and open international inquiry into the human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. For many years the Sri Lankan Government have been accused of oppressing the Tamil people and have recently attempted to proscribe individual Tamils and Tamil Diasporas across the world. The call for a full and open international inquiry has been rejected by the Sri Lankan Government on multiple occasions, despite pressure from the international community.

While the UK Government has made supportive noises in the past, this petition is designed to keep the pressure on. It is hoped that continued pressure on the UK Government will result in the Tamil peoplein the UK and across the world receiving the justice they deserve.

Speaking about the petition, Huw said ‘I was proud to walk through the gates of Downing Street with Duraithasan and Vethanayagam. The campaign for a full and open international inquiry into human rights abuses in Sri Lanka is a global sign of the intrinsic value of human dignity, rights and justice.’

‘This petition is also a local campaign, one which directly affects the lives of my Tamil constituents and their friends and families. The onus is now on the Prime Minister to respond to our petition and commit his Government to backing the international inquiry.’