Huw Joins Celebration of Pioneering Kidney Research in Wales

12.07.16 mh Kidney Research UK launch 143

Huw joined Kidney Research UK at a celebratory reception in Cardiff along with Assembly colleagues, kidney patients and their families and healthcare professionals to highlight the success of renal research in Wales.

Charity representatives and Huw met leading figures in research, including the ‘Welsh Kidney Research Unit’ (WKRU), the first biomedical research unit in the UK. They also focused on the charity’s new report which details ground-breaking research funded by Kidney Research UK.

With Wales being the first UK country to introduce a ‘soft op-out system’ for organ and tissue donation, Huw said: “On hearing this system is already recognised as being highly successful, it is good to hear that Wales is leading the way by supporting and recognising the advances being made in renal research. One in ten people in Wales are affected by kidney disease and with continued support from our Welsh Government, charities like Kidney Research UK can carry on helping to improve the health and welfare of kidney patients”.

Chief Executive of Kidney Research UK said “Government support is needed to shore up the rich foundation of talent, knowledge and potential that Kidney Research UK has helped develop in the Welsh renal community with strategic action so that we can improve the prospects for every kidney patient”.