Huw Irranca-Davies AM Supports £6million Autism Support Strategy

NAS pic 1

Photo L/R:  Meleri Thomas and Jill Grange of Bridgend & District NAS Cymru.

Huw has welcomed the publication today of the Welsh Governments refreshed Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Plan.

The plan will be backed up by the introduction of the new National Integrated Autism Service in April backed by £6 million of Welsh Government investment over three years.

The plan responds to what people with autism, their families and carers have said is important to them.   The aim being to ensure that adults and children with autism, along with their families and carers, have their needs understood in order to secure the support they require to achieve their own well-being outcomes and lead fulfilling lives.  

Huw said: “The Welsh Government has put in place a range of initiatives and policies which set out clearly what residents can expect including the financial support to ensure this happens. This plan is a direct response to concerns highlighted by residents and their families. I am pleased to see the Welsh Labour Government taking this action to help people with autism and those that support them”.