Huw Irranca Davies AM Promotes Help for Homeless with Shelter Cymru

Shelter Cymru App Symbol

Huw sponsored an event with Shelter Cymru at the Senedd showcasing their innovative new ‘Help in Hand’ app, as well as a short film dispelling the myths around homelessness which was produced earlier this year by Shelter Cymru’s ‘Take Notice’ project members.

The Take Notice Project uses the experiences of people who have used housing and homelessness services in Wales to directly influence policy and decision-makers, media and communities; Shelter Cymru’s new “Help in Hand” housing App is an accessible tool for people needing help and information about housing and homelessness in Wales and in their local area.

John Puzey, Director of Shelter Cymru said: “We continue to work collaboratively with Welsh Government, and it was a pleasure to meet AMs at the Senedd to informally discuss those issues that are at the heart of Shelter Cymru’s work in preventing homelessness and bad housing in Wales. The Help in Hand app will help us to assist more people facing homelessness or in housing need. We are delighted that AMs will be taking this back into their constituencies.”

Huw, who is also a member of the Cross-Party Group on Homlessness said: “Shelter Cymru continues to be a trusted, reliable partner in helping people facing with homelessness. Their recent work challenging the myths around homelessness, and practical innovations like this new App shows they remain at the cutting edge of finding solutions for people in desperate need of a home.”

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