Huw Irranca-Davies AM celebrates National Clean Air Day with LPG vehicles

Huw Irranca-Davies

Huw celebrated #NationalCleanAirDay (15/06/17) by taking a ride in one of Autogas’ new LPG powered taxis which aims to drive an improvement in Wales’ air quality levels by cleaning up the nation’s diesel taxi cabs. It is one of several technological solutions which could help decarbonise the emissions from vehicles, especially in our cities and built-up areas.

The UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day [15 June] has a goal to improve the understanding of air pollution. Taxi drivers occupy a unique place in the air pollution crisis as they are exposed to significant levels of bad air as well being a primary source of harmful emissions.

Global Action Plan and Calor, the UK’s leading supplier of LPG and joint partner in Autogas Ltd, have come together the find out the views of the UK’s taxi drivers on the air pollution challenge.

Poor air quality is a serious concern for many towns and cities across Wales and across the UK, with an estimated 29,000 premature UK deaths occurring each year because of the problem which has been widely attributed to vehicle emissions.

With diesel powered taxi cabs identified as one of the biggest emitters of two key harmful pollutants, NO2 and particulates, representatives from Calor briefed Assembly Members on its newly converted taxi and multipurpose van which run on cleaner autogas LPG.

Huw said:

“LPG as a quick and cost effective option for taking older diesel taxis off the road, and local authorities and Welsh Government should consider it’s potential in helping deal with vehicle emissions. We also need the UK government to give policy support LPG vehicles, alongside other technologies such as electric vehicles. Taxi drivers should also seriously consider the option of converting an existing diesel powered taxi to LPG costs, as at a conversion cost of around £10,000 drivers could recoup the cost in less than two years as the price of LPG is significantly lower that gasoline or diesel”.