Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP Join WASPI’s campaign to the Senedd


Huw and Chris Elmore MP joined campaigners from WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) at their rally at the Senedd and marched to the Wales Office in Cardiff. They are protesting against the changes made to state pensions of those born in the 1950’s. The changes were brought in quickly and have shattered many people’s pension plans. 

Huw said “The Tory government are putting their fingers in their ears and hoping the complaints will go away. I’m proud to stand with these women today and fight their corner with them and make clear that they will not be ignored. It’s outrageous that these women are not going to get the pension that they deserve.” 

Chris Elmore MP commented: “I joined the WASPI campaigners in London for their Westminster protest and I’m delighted to have joined them again and to have the chance to speak at the event.  How is it fair that the government will not even meet women such as those from WASPI to explain why they are pushing through with these reckless plans?”

The event was mirrored across the country with a national day of action in Manchester, London, Glasgow, Plymouth as well as others including Cardiff’s event. Earlier in the year, WASPI marched on Westminster where they were joined by a number of MPs including Mr Elmore.