Huw delivers Pupils Letter to 10 Downing Street


Huw Irranca-Davies MP with world leaders in front of Parliament

The letter, written by year six pupils from Garth Primary in Maesteg, accompanied over a dozen 3-dimensional “world leader” figures. The hand-crafted figures contained the phrase “If I were a world leader…,” followed by messages such as “I would try to send every child to school no matter what!”

The figures were created as part of the Send My Friend to School campaign, run by the Global Campaign for Education, which is supported by over 10,000 schools and youth groups and millions of students across the UK. The campaign aims to ensure that world leaders stick to their Millennium Development Goal commitment to provide every child with an education by 2015.

Garth Primary, which participates in the campaign every year, decided to send the figures to their Member of Parliament this year, in hopes that he would deliver them to the Prime Minister to “influence world leaders at the UN Summit.”

Huw, moved by the students’ activism and concern for others, personally delivered the figures to 10 Downing Street.

Huw said, “Education has the power to change lives. Today, 58 million children around the world go uneducated. It’s time to hold world leaders to account for their Millennium Development Goal commitment. I’m proud of the students at Garth Primary and around the UK who are taking action to be a part of this campaign. I’m glad I could do my small part to help.”