‘History of Paintings’ Exhibition Success for Eminent Local Welsh Artist


Representatives for Ogmore, Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP are encouraging people to support the works of home grown distinguished welsh artist Kevin Sinnott who currently has a “History of Paintings” exhibition displayed at the Flowers Gallery in London until 11th March – see links for further details:

https://www.flowersgallery.com/exhibitions/view/kevin-sinnott-history-paintings   or https://www.flowersgallery.com/news-and-events/view/artist-talk-with-kevin-sinnott

Huw and Chris have informed their colleagues at the Welsh Assembly, House of Commons and House of Lords about the exhibition and the success of our eminent Welsh artist who is based in the beautiful Garw Valley.

Kevin is one of the leading lights in Wales’ contemporary art scene. He and his works serve as wonderful ambassadors of the very best of our creative Wales. His current exhibition – the “History Paintings” – include vast and colourful canvasses depicting the industrial and political heritage of our valleys, and will strike a chord with anyone who understands this facet of Welsh life and our parents and grandparents generations.

But most of all, it is quite simply, wonderful and vivid art by one of our greatest living artists.

Kevin’s local gallery is based at Studio 18 in Pontcymer. To see his recent and developing work you can arrange a viewing of the gallery by calling: 07791 295146, email: mail@kevinsinnott.co.uk   Twitter: @berrystraBe