Government must put right the Contaminated Blood Scandal

Huw Irranca-Davies has called on the Government to finally take action and help the people affected by the contaminated blood scandal. Over 30,000 people, including constituents of Huw’s, were given contaminated blood between 1970 and 1991.

The people affected received blood transfusions which led to them contracting hepatitis C and HIV. Infection with one, or both of these viruses has had a devastating effect not only on the people infected but also on their families. Many of those affected have had to invest heavily in medical support and have been unable to return to work.

In the decades since the scandal was revealed successive governments have increased support, but only through a group of charities. This has meant that the people affected have been forced to rely on the good will of charities for help and funding. Many individuals have reported that this process has been accompanied by a feeling that they have lost their own personal dignity.

In partnership with Members of Parliament from all parties Huw is calling on the Government to finally put this right. In a debate in Parliament on 15th January Huw supported calls for the Department of Health to put in place appropriate support and finally end this scandal which has destroyed the lives of so many.

Huw said ‘People across the country, like my constituents, have been forced to spend decades living with serious health issues as a result of receiving contaminated blood. As well as major health concerns the people affected have experienced distress, personal and social hardship and in many cases even poverty.’

‘We need now to see a real effort by Government to put this right. The people affected cannot get their health back but they can get the help, support and compensation they deserve.’