Fly-Tipping Fixed Penalty Changes Approved

Ogmore Assembly Member Huw Irranca-Davies AM wants residents to be aware that people who give their waste to someone “in good faith” who then fly-tips – could face a fixed penalty notice of up to £300.

A Welsh Government report suggests that 60% of fly-tipping incidents originate from domestic households and is often the result of the householder failing to check where the waste will end up allowing an unauthorised person to take it away.

New rules agreed by Assembly Members now make it easier for councils to take action against householders who hand their waste to people who are not authorised to handle it.

There has been a rise in the number of unauthorised waste disposal operators offering households what seems to be cut-price disposal of waste, but acting illegally and without license. The reason they can cut costs is because they are not disposing of the waste at an authorised site. They are fly-tipping!

In 2017-18 councils saw more than 35,000 incidents of fly-tipping costing Welsh taxpayers £2m in clean-up costs. Currently, residents can be issued with a fixed penalty notice if they fly-tip their waste themselves.

Mr Irranca-Davies stated: “Beware of bogus household waste collectors. Residents may not be aware that they are responsible for the collector’s activities if they use them and may find themselves being part of a crime. Check first and if that white van man or woman isn’t authorised and can’t show you their license for waste disposal, don’t use them.”