Fertile Land For Growers In Sarn

Ogmore MP and AM, Chris Elmore and Huw Irranca-Davies, have praised the Heol Y Mynydd Community Allotments and Garden Society for their efforts in making the project such a local success story.

Huw and Chris met with local residents at the society’s open day and had a good look around the vast array of produce that was being grown.

This summer’s heatwave had clearly led to a bumper crop of produce this year, with local residents working their way through a substantial amount of locally-produced foods.

The allotments and gardens were originally created by the St. Brides Minor Community Council and now provide local residents with a community space for growing produce and socialising, while also acting as a local memorial area.

Chris Elmore MP said: “The allotments and gardens really are a vegetable grower’s paradise. It really is brilliant to see so many local residents coming together to regenerate, look after and value this wonderful local area which benefits so many other rsidents.

“I’d like to pay a huge tribute to the society’s committee for their continued efforts to make this project the real local success it is today. Keep up the good work!”

Huw Irranca-Davies AM said: “It really has been an absolute pleasure to be at the open day today in the sunshine. This is an exceptional community project which brings together lots of different people from across our communities.

With the awareness we now have of the environmental damage we’re doing to our planet, it’s great to see local produce making a real comeback in our back yard. A huge thank you to the committee for everything they’ve done and continue to do with this project.”