Evanstown Residents Demand Action on Derelict Jenmore Factory

Angry residents of Evanstown have joined with prospective Assembly candidate for Ogmore Huw Irranca-Davies and prospective Parliamentary candidate for Ogmore Chris Elmore to demand action on a derelict factory which has long been an eyesore on their community.


As well as being a major blot on landscape for the communities of Evanstown and Gilfach Goch, residents are worried at the ongoing dangers to health and public safety. Several years ago a local youngster fell through the roof of the disused factory, which still does not have secure fences and signage to deter local children from playing around the site. Residents also have concerns over whether there is asbestos in the roofing, and over environmental health risks from vermin on the overgrown site.

Huw Irranca-Davies says “This has been going on far too long, and the owner has a moral responsibility to take action. The local authority – Bridgend County Borough Council – are willing to work with the owner to find a new use for the site, or to dispose of it. But the owner has to be willing to do this. People have rightly lost patience now, and if the owner doesn’t respond, then we will have to explore other action.”

Chris Elmore added “The support from the residents of Evanstown and the area to take action is huge, and we hope everyone will add their names to a petition which we will deliver to the owner. It is simply not good enough to sit on this property and let it fall to bits over years, while the community have to see it every day. It’s time to do right by the people of Evanstown and the area. Bring this factory into some productive use, or find another use for the site, but do it now!”