Crowds Gather for BMX Racing at Llynfi Valley Track

The Llynfi Valley BMX track in Caerau played host to hordes of visitors from near and far as the track hosted the South Wales Region BMX race. A significant event in the world of BMX racing.

Many weeks of hard work from dedicated volunteers in all weather conditions ensured the track and surrounding area was in tip top condition in preparation for the race which helped led to the day being a huge success.

The Llynfi Valley track area has seen new improvements recently such as a new spectators ‘dry’ standing area, fresh dust on the track waked and smoothed, grass trimmed and installation of drainage on the site to name a few.

Ogmore representatives Huw Irranca-Davies AM and Chris Elmore MP attended the event and experienced the thrills and spills of the day.

Following the event Huw Irranca-Davies stated: “What a great day at the Llynfi Track! Seeing riders and supporters from around South Wales, Bristol and Cornwall coming together with crowds of local residents to enjoy a full day of very impressive BMX racing. After speaking to Club Secretary Matthew Rowlands it was clear to see the successful joint working of the Llynfi BMX Team and the local community.  Well done to everyone involved.”

Chris Elmore MP stated: “It’s so positive that we have such a vibrant array of activities available to people in the Llynfi Valley and the BMX track attracts competitors from right across Wales and the rest of the UK. Many thanks to Matthew and the team for all the work they put in year on year to ensure that the Llynfi Valley retains its title as a key cultural hub for South Wales. I think I’ll leave the BMX-ing to the professionals, though!”