COPD/Breathe Easy Group Get-Together with Huw Irranca-Davies AM


Organised by Lung UK, Huw recently met with the Sarn Breathe Easy Group for an informative and enjoyable get-together.

Talks were heard from specialist health advisors about the overuse of antibiotics where Lung Specialist Avril Tucker gave a detailed briefing about this increasing problem. Presentations were also made by Halo Leisure highlighting their ongoing schemes supporting pulmonary rehabilitation, helping people to cope with how their chest condition affects their day to day life and explaining the benefits of exercising with a lung condition.

Huw as a big supporter of the ‘Breathe Easy’ Groups said “The 230 Breathe Easy Support groups throughout the UK are a great way of providing a meeting place for people with similar conditions to share stories and gain valuable information. My thanks to Lung UK and the Sarn Breathe Easy group for their warm welcome and update on the support services available along with the current schemes from Halo.”

To find out more information about your local Breathe Easy Group see or ring 0300 030 555.