Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen Students in Parliament for International Women’s Day

HID - International Women's Day 2016

The day began with a glimpse into the work of the Women and Equalities Select Committee. The Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen students, along with some seventy five other young women from across the country, watched the committee proceedings. Proceedings were a little different than usual as MPs acted as witnesses while the students questioned them on their experiences as women in Parliament.

Following the Select Committee session Huw gave the students a tour of the Palace of Westminster. Natalie, Jamie, and Sophie then watched a Westminster Hall debate on the Swansea Tidal Lagoon in which Huw contributed and outlined his continued support of the project before heading down Whitehall for a visit to 10 Downing Street.

The students’ day wrapped up watching the International Women’s Day debate in the House of Commons chamber. Throughout the day MPs celebrated women’s achievements but also called attention to the inequalities that still plague women in the UK and across the world, such as the persistent gender gap in pay and career advancement.

Huw said, “It was a pleasure to celebrate International Women’s Day with Natalie, Jamie, and Sophie in Parliament. I hope that they gained a real insight into the day to day work that I do, and the work MPs across Parliament are doing to encourage more women into politics.

“Every year International Women’s Day offers us the important opportunity to reflect on both the progress that has been made on gender equality and the progress that is yet to be made. So as we celebrate women’s achievements today we know going forward there is still much more to do.”