Clean Up Our Air – Huw Welcomes Greater Uptake of LPG


Huw met with representatives from Autogas Ltd for a demonstration of a range of converted vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). One of the vehicles was a newly converted black cab which has the potential to reduce local air pollution across the region.

The demonstration took place at Llanharry on a bridge overlooking the M4, one of the most congested roads in Wales which has a high number of roadside pollutants which are harmful to human health. Huw discussed with Autogas Ltd’s Business Development Manager Paul Oxford the conversion process which involves repowering existing vehicles running on petrol to run on cheaper, cleaner LPG fuel, proving huge fuel cost savings of around 20 percent compared to when they were running on diesel.

Following the demonstration, Huw and the Autogas team visited Llanhari Primary School to exhibit the LPG-converted vehicles to a group of schoolchildren, speaking to them about the importance of clean air.

Huw commented “with air pollution having no borders, air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue across Wales and the UK. It is imperative this is addressed locally and across Wales, particularly with the air increasing levels of pollution from diesel vehicles. The EU have also set tough limits to tackle this growing problem. I would like to thank the Autogas Ltd team for their visit and for coming to demonstrate the benefits of converting vehicles to run on cleaner LPG fuel. The children at Llanhari Primary certainly enjoyed the impromptu visit and I look forward to working with Autogas Ltd in the future.”

Business Development Manager Paul Oxford said: “It was great to speak to Huw, a real environmental ambassador, about the benefits of LPG. We have worked hard in recent months with a number of local authorities in the UK to deliver a conversion process that can clean up older vehicles. This includes black cabs like the one Huw saw today, in order to bring them up-to-date with a Euro 6 low particulate and low NOx pollution solution engine. Drivers converting their vehicles to LPG have an excellent opportunity to not only save on their annual fuel costs but just as importantly, help improve air quality in other polluted cities and towns across Wales.”