Call for Urgent Action on Pencoed Traffic Worries


There have been increasing concerns for residents over the congested traffic and the safety of pedestrians crossing to and from Greggs Bakery and Tesco’s store on Coychurch Road, and outside the adjacent Texaco petrol station. Many children also cross the busy road here on the way to and from school, rugby fields and Pencoed swimming pool. Emergency medical vehicles also exit onto Coychurch Road from the nearby Pencoed Medical Centre.

The matter has now come to a head following a recent accident involving two children, who were taken to hospital after being hit by a car while crossing the road. Thankfully the two local children were later discharged from hospital with minor injuries, but campaigners feel that it is only a matter of time before a far more serious accident occurs.

Local MP Huw Irranca-Davies says “This has always been a busy section of road, with people having to take great care to cross the road because of drivers exiting the petrol station. But it is now ten times worse because of the cars entering and exiting the narrow entrance to Tesco and Greggs, causing traffic hold-ups and making crossing the road far more dangerous. We must get a solution which is good for local businesses, but also protects public safety and pedestrians crossing this busy stretch of road.”

Town Councillor and Mayor Jim Hancock OBE said, “Sadly our worst fears came true last weekend but fortunately without any serious injury. This junction needs urgent attention by the highways department to ensure that another incident does not reoccur. We are grateful for the support of our Assembly Member Janice Gregory and Member of Parliament Huw Irranca-Davies”

Pencoed resident and local Assembly Member Janice Gregory added “I live in Pencoed and see these problems daily, and whilst we all want to see our businesses thrive, the safety of local residents is paramount. I am sure that with goodwill on all sides, we can find a solution which keeps people safe, and lets our businesses prosper too.”