Byw Nawr – Leaving A Legacy


At a recent event at the Senedd, Huw met with Byw Nawr members to find out more about their work in helping people in Wales plan ahead for the end of life. Many people find it difficult to think about planning for “end of life” issues, but Byw Nawr (Welsh for Live Now) and its partners from across the NHS, voluntary, independent health and care services are making it easier to plan ahead.

At the event Huw heard how many groups are working together to improve how we make plans for the end of life, and he and others made personal pledges to spread the word about the importance of talking about dying.

Huw said: “It’s great to hear about the resources available to people at such a difficult time in their lives and all the help that’s out there for them. I would encourage people to look at the Byw Nawr website where they can find valuable resources and information. It is important that we have these difficult discussions within our families to ensure that our loved ones know that their own wishes for end of life are in place.”