Blood Bikes Wales – On Our Roads Riding To Save Lives

Blood Bikes Wales pic 1

(With Bridgend Blood Bikes volunteers)

Blood Bikes Wales is a charity of over 300 volunteers, operating 16 motorcycles and works across the whole of Wales every single day of the year.

They provide an entirely free and professional out-of-hours service to support the NHS in Wales, along with an interim in-hours enhancement service, transporting life-saving supplies to those in urgent need of treatment across Wales.

Huw recently met with members of the charity at an event outside the Senedd. He learned more about the fantastic work they do in Wales and said: “The Blood Bikes Wales are an enthusiastic group of people keen to make a difference. The financial savings to the NHS due to their volunteer efforts are significant and it was great to meet with them to support and promote their hard work. It was great meeting with Bernard and his team who even let me sit on one of their bikes”.

To find out more about Blood Bikes Wales see:  Website:   Twitter: @BloodBikesWales