Another No to Wales as UK Govt Scraps Plans for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

And so we have it… the Tory led UK Government announce they are to scrap plans for a tidal lagoon on Swansea Bay which could have provided major economic advantages to the city, surrounding areas and whole of Wales. A great project not only for Wales but for UK PLC as well.

Whilst deeply disappointed with the announcement it comes as no surprise following the ‘knock-backs’ Wales has suffered and continues to suffer from this UK Government who clearly have no future vision or even consideration for Wales.

Following a hard fought promising campaign with cross party and wide reaching support, this decision is yet another crushing blow for people living in Wales. They must by now feel bewildered by the constant dis-interest this UK Government shows to our nation and the people living in it.

The Tidal Lagoon could have seen Wales become a world leader in tidal energy and an independent review concluded it would make a ‘strong contribution’ to the UK’s energy supply. Everyone involved in the renewable industry, the construction industry, sustainable energy, as well as interests throughout Wales and the UK were supportive of this ground-breaking project.

So why is it that even with promised investment from the Welsh Government, the project was refused? This announcement raises more questions than it answers. How are the UK Government able to continue with this hostile attitude towards the people of Wales.