AM Says It’s Time To Talk – End The Stigma

Mental Health Time to Talk Day 2018 takes place today Thursday 1st February, providing an opportunity for everyone to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives.

Mental health problems are common and one in four of us will be affected at some point in our lives. However there is still a reluctance to open up and talk about this common illness.

Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister for Children and Social Services in support of Mental Health Day said: “Both mental and physical health can be lost, maintained and improved and there are a wide range of factors that can positively or negatively affect it. It is in all our interests to talk more openly about mental health issues and reduce the discrimination and stigma of illnesses associated with mental illness.

Reach out to a friend or relative who you think may be struggling – talk to that friend or relative about your own experiences. Have the conversation. Being unable to talk about mental health isn’t good for anyone.”

To find out more and support the ‘Time to Talk’ Mental Health Day see: