AM Presents Cheque to Nantymoel FoodBank

Huw Presenting Cheque to Pat Blackwell

Nantymoel Food Bank as part of the Bridgend Foodbank Group and in partnership with the Trussell Trust opened its doors in April 2015.

It has been a life-line and safety net for people living in the community who have found themselves in need of help for various reasons, ranging from benefit delays to receiving unexpected bills whilst being on a low income.  Providing emergency food and other essential products for people in crisis.

Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister Huw Irranca-Davies visited the team at Horeb Chapel, home to Nantymoel Foodbank to present them with a cheque donation.  In his role as a politician the AM occasionally completes surveys that offer a cheque donation to a charity of his choice. 

Speaking after the visit Mr Irranca-Davies stated: “As more and more people turn to foodbanks we reply on the generosity of others to donate. The kindness of people in our communities and the hard work of the volunteers who help these Foodbanks to exist is truly inspiring and I was delighted to present them with the cheque donation. Foodbanks are now a relied upon and trusted support network that also provide a range of services like money advice, fuel banks and helping people to break the cycle of poverty.”