AM & MP See Out Fairtrade Fortnight at Pontycymer Co-op

As this year’s Co-op Fortnight came to a close, Ogmore representatives Assembly Member Huw Irranca-Davies and Chris Elmore MP, popped into the Co-op store in Pontycymer to look at their wide ranging FairTrade products.

The Ogmore representatives met with Deputy Manager Sam Brown who provided them with a display of several items on sale at the Co-op store. Items ranged from the expected coffee, bananas, chocolate, sugar, tea but also included many other items not usually associated with FairTrade – charcoal, Easter eggs, cotton wool pads and buds, wine, to name a few.

Following the visit Deputy Manager Sam said: “It was good to have our Assembly Member and Member of Parliament pop in to our store, giving us an opportunity to show off our extensive Fairtrade items. As a co-operative we are proud to support the FairTrade movement and our local customers are also happy to purchase our products in support of the campaign.”

FairTrade Fortnight invited people across Wales and the UK to join the movement and to learn more about how FairTrade impacts the lives of producer communities across the world.

Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister Huw Irranca-Davies stated: “Many thanks to Deputy Manager Sam and to Store Manager Rob Wilson who unfortunately could not be with us on the day.  Pontycymmer Co-op are certainly doing their bit to promote FairTrade and have a great selection of products/everyday items. If we all make simple shopping choices when buying these items, we can positively impact on people’s lives, giving them a better life, and seeing workers paid a fair wage for their work.”

Chris Elmore MP stated: “It’s vitally important that we continue to buy Fairtrade wherever we can so the producer always gets a fair price for their goods. You might be surprised by how many Fairtrade products there actually are out there – everything from bananas to charcoal!”

Look out for the Fairtrade symbols!  To find out more about Fairtrade see: